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Branches Art Market Vol.1

Our very first Branches Art Market at Tacheles featured some very talented creatives, check out our interviews with the artists below.

The Volcano Store

Yuda and Yoki established The Volcano Store in Taipei. Both graduating with a degree in graphic design; they now focus on zine publishing and making pottery art. Their works are simple and cute, with humorous silliness which sometimes they mix with some delightful shyness.

Read our interview with The Volcano Store here


An Chen

An Chen is an illustrator that enjoys creating vector geometric shapes and toy subjects with a hint of a vintage feeling. She graduated from Cambridge School of Art, with her work appearing widely in magazines and books.

Read our interview with An here


Yinz Ceramic

Yinz Ceramic is a ceramic artist based in Daxi, Taoyuan. She creates quirky ceramic objects with her hands, unique in that every picture and pattern on her pieces are made from dyed clay.

Read our interview with Yinz Ceramic here


The VeganSoap Bar

The VeganSoap Bar produces handmade, high-quality soap, shampoos and conditioning bars. All of their products contain ingredients that have not been tested on animals and are palm oil free, in addition they donate their proceeds to stray dog rescue groups.

Read our interview with VeganSoap Bar here


Chia Ying Lin

Chia Ying Lin is an illustrator, visual designer, vegan and nature lover. She likes to draw people’s life in her little corner and makes self-published zines besides her working time.

Read our interview with Chia here


Kitty Unicorn

Kitty Unicorn is a Taiwanese street and caricature artist that is currently completing an artist residency in Taichung. Her creations are drawn on different types of materials; from paper to fabric, wood, plastic, glass or even on her iPad. She is not merely a cartoonist, she's an artist with a unique style and eye for detail. She is interested in understanding people’s souls and then draws from that interaction. She doesn’t just simply sketch how people look, but enjoys having conversations and playing psychological games to then customise and create special caricatures using different styles and materials.

Read our interview with Kitty Unicorn here


OnlyOne Accessory

OnlyOne Accessory love feeling nostalgic. They collect analogue cameras, vinyls, cassettes, cute vintage toys, clothes and handmade jewellery.

Read our interview with OnlyOne Accessory here

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