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How has COVID-19 affected you in Taiwan?

This interactive exhibition invites you to participate and be a part of the artwork.

Within our gallery space, reflect on the current coronavirus pandemic, taking the time by yourself to gather your thoughts and write down your musings. Here you will have the opportunity to take one self-portrait displaying your emotions towards COVID-19 with our large-format analogue camera.

Taiwan is praised for how it is handling the domestic burden of coronavirus, and this exhibition aims to capture the range of emotions felt and recognise the weight upon participants when stepping in front of the lens. We welcome everyone to be a part of this exercise to express what has been experienced since the outbreak began.

All exhibition participants will wear a mask for their photograph to illustrate that masks are such a poignant part of Taiwan’s response to the pandemic. Masks are part of the government’s rationing system; it is now compulsory to wear a mask on public transport; plus Taiwan’s use of mask production as a tool of soft diplomatic power.

This exhibition will conclude by using the produced images and writings for display as a collective piece. This collection will mirror the solidarity and shared involvement required as we continue to fight this pandemic.

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