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We offer traditional studio portraits, Taipei and Taiwan travel photoshoots, analogue photography classes, business headshots, events and more!


Listed below are Minim Photographic Studio's services and prices. If you would like to have your hair and makeup done for the photoshoot we can help organise a hairstylist and/or makeup artist for you too. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a query or require a different type of shoot. We can tailor our packages to suit your need.

Studio Portrait

Travel Photo Shoot - Individual


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Price List

Business Headshots

Duration and Price Varies


Whether you want something that is warm and approachable or if you need something a little different, we aim to bring your personality out in each image. We are able to provide headshots in our studio in Dihua Street or bring a pop up mobile studio right to where you or your company is based.

Travel Photo Shoot - Individual

1 hr 30 min       |      NT$7,000.00

Sometimes travelling solo to a country it is difficult to capture the images to really remember your trip. Allow Minim Photographic to capture your experience in Taipei, to ensure you can take home beautiful images as well as fantastic memories. Whether you would like images at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, 2/28 Peace Park, Yang Ming Mountain, etc. we will be more than happy to corporate with any location.

Travel Photo Shoot - Partner

1 hr 30 min     |      NT$8,000.00

Whether you are friends, family or a couple wanting to document your trip in Taipei, Minim Photographic Studio is here to capture the two of you. Mixing between candid, formal and environmental portraits, we will provide you with a variety of images to preserve your memories and tell a story of your experience in Taipei.


Travel Photo Shoot - Group

1 hr 30 min       |      NT$9,000.00

Whether your travelling to Taiwan as a family, a big group of friends or on an educational trip, Minim Photographic Studio can catch your special moments of you and your loved ones during your holiday to Taipei.

Learn Analogue Phototgraphy

2 hr       |      NT$2,300.00

We run analogue photography classes to teach you about the beauty of traditional photography while guiding you through an old traditional district in Taipei. The price quoted is per person, and includes us providing you with a 35mm camera and 1 roll of 35mm film for the duration of the class and after we will develop the images for you. We also have 120mm Medium Format cameras available at an extra cost. 



Duration and Price Varies

Allow Minim Photographic Studio to capture the spirit and atmosphere of your special event. We focus on emotions, moments and stories. We are there so you can enjoy yourselves while we capture some happy memories for you. To get the perfect event shots we balance patience with the skill to react, to ensure we don't miss your events defining moments. 


Corporate and Advertising

Duration and Price Varies

If you are looking for a fresh new look for your business or want to find a photographer to produce continuity for your corporate approach, we are here to be flexible to your needs. Our eye-capturing imagery will tell the story of your business and our eye for detail will allow your brand to stand out from the rest.

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Studio Portraits

Duration and Price Varies

Our professional studio provides minimal fuss and minimum gimmicks, we capture pure, beautiful portrait images. We wish to make each subject feel natural and comfortable, to produce classic, eye catching images. Images can be taken on analogue film or digital camera, in colour or black and white. Our studio is based off the traditional and vibrant Dihua Street, Taipei.

Terms and Conditions

By booking our services you are agreeing to our terms and conditions listed below:

  • The shoot will be arranged on date(s) mutually agreed between Minim Photographic Studio and the customer.

  • Minim’s photographer is responsible for bringing any equipment or Assistants necessary to conduct the service booked

  • Payment terms:  30% bank transfer at time of booking to reserve a specified time slot.  70% in cash or bank transfer on day at start of shoot

  • If the customer cancels or postpones a confirmed shoot, Minim Photographic Studio reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee 

  • If Minim Photographic Studio has to cancel or postpone for reasons outside the control of the Photographer (including unsuitable weather / light as deemed by the Photographer), the Photographer reserves the right to re-schedule the shoot, or refund the deposit.

  • Minim’s photographer will perform light imaging editing prior to delivering final copies to the customer. As to the Photographer’s style, the images will not be heavily manipulated and subtle processing, cropping and colour grading will be made.

  • If altering of an image, retouching and heavily photo manipulation is requested (e.g. reshaping of model, clothing correction, removing logos, removing glare, editing unappealing background elements, removing braces etc.) then an extra retouching process fee will be calculated depending on the customers request(s).

  • Following completion of the shoot the Photographer will deliver the selected photographs by digital transfer to the customer as soon as reasonably practicable and in the agreed format

  • One copy of the material will be supplied to one previously agreed email address.

  • The customer shall ensure that it takes appropriate steps to keep safe an exact digital copy of all Material. Any future request for duplicate material will be considered, but not guaranteed, and will incur an extra charge. 

  • The customer acknowledge that Minim Photographic Studio may not maintain archives of images after delivering requested images to the customer. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to request any desired images, or files within 7 days of the image delivery.

  • The copyright of the images remains with Minim Photographic Studio and their Photographers. Minim Photographic Studio grants the customers permission to make copies of the images under the following conditions. The images taken by the Photographer are for personal use only by the customer. Sale, Publication or any Commercial use of the photographs is not allowed and the customer must agree that they will not collect a fee or any form of money for the images.

  • As a courtesy, the customer shall ensure that Minim Photographic Studio is appropriately credited if the images are published on their social media pages.

  • The customer grants the Photographer and Minim Photographic Studio the full copyright of the images. This means Minim will have unlimited consent to use the photographs taken for editorial, competition, advertising and any other purpose and in any manner, to alter the images without restriction.

  • In using the services of Minim Photographic Studio, the customer hereby release Minim Photographic Studio, the Photographer, and its representatives, from all liability and claims in connection with the images.  Any liability or loss is strictly limited to the price paid in advance for the services of Minim Photographic Studio.

  • Customer agrees that Minim Photographic Studio is not responsible for injury, damage or lost property during the shoot. Minim Photographic Studio will not be liable for incidents related directly or indirectly with our photographic services.

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