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The VeganSoap Bar produces handmade, high-quality soap, shampoos and conditioning bars. All of their products contain ingredients that have not been tested on animals and are palm oil free, in addition they donate their proceeds to stray dog rescue groups.

The VeganSoap Bar


We asked her some questions  about her products...

What soap bar products will you be selling at Branches market?

I will be selling shampoo bars, body wash bars, bath salts and liquid household soaps.

The profits from your soap products go to a stray dog charity, please

can you tell us a little about the work this organisation does and why you believe it is important to support them?

The profits from my soap products go to TSACA who are committed to caring for stray dogs. Taiwan has a large number of stray cats and dogs causing shelters to become very crowded with few people in Taiwan wanting to adopt. TSACA looks after the animals in the shelters providing them with correct medication and assists in the adoption process helping the animals find homes outside of Taiwan. Therefore, I hope to sponsor the animals foster care and medical expenses during the period before their adoption and also the transportation costs to their new homes (even flights to the America have to be covered by TSACA). I hope that from selling these vegan soap bars it will allow more stray dogs to be adopted by suitable families.


How do you ensure the products you use are ethically sourced?

My soaps do not contain any animal products or palm oil and all of my ingredients are free from animal testing. I ensure that the oils I source for my products come in recyclable packaging. I also price my soap products at a reasonable and affordable price in hope to encourage others to use vegan products.

Can you please introduce to those who are still using bottled toiletries why they should consider making a change to bar soaps. And what tips you have for switching over?

My handmade soap is free from preservatives and rich in glycerine which is more mild and gentler to our skin as it has less chemicals than in liquid soap products. Handmade soaps are decomposed into carbon dioxide and water after use, meaning they do not produce environmental pollution. I suggest to someone switching to bar soaps can first try my exfoliating soap, it will make your skin smooth and shiny immediately.

Do you plan to become plastic free in the future?

Due to the humid climate in Taiwan, handmade soap is not easy to store. I am using as lower waste packaging as possible while it still being suitable for the climate here.

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