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Learn Analogue Photography

Minim Photographic Studio is passionate about analogue photography. We want to share our enthusiasm and knowledge, by running classes to teach you about the beauty of traditional photography.

Have you ever picked up an old camera in your grandfather’s house or a charity shop but then thought twice because you don't know how to use it? Let us help teach you. Our classes allow you to learn about analogue film cameras whilst also seeing one of Taipei’s old districts’s fascinating heritage.


We will guide you through an old traditional district in Taipei with a camera, allowing you to learn and capture your trip within a classic Taiwanese environment. We can take analogue photos in famous tourist destinations, in addition to beautiful nature spots as well as visiting hidden streets and local places that we know.


Allow yourself to appreciate the slow photo process no matter what your standard of photography is. This package can be tailored to your level and the amount of people in the group. The tuition can be bought as a one-off experience or we can teach you about analogue photography in multiple classes, over a longer period of time.


Come alone or bring a friend(s). Minim Photographic Studio will even take a portrait of you on the trip for your memories of Taipei.

What we will provide

  • We will lend you an analogue camera to borrow during the class (we have a variety of 35mm cameras) 

  • We will give you one roll of film to shoot during the class

  • We will develop the roll of film for you and send you scanned digital copies of your images (we can post the negatives to you if requested) 

This class is an introduction to learning about analogue photography and how to operate a 35mm camera.


Want to learn 120mm or Large format? Are you interested in learning how to develop and scan film? Drop us an email and we can discuss different class options.


"Best photography tour I’ve done... ever. Everything was explained so nicely. The walk was great and we got to practice shooting with the film camera they lent us. Min even went out of his way to meet me later that evening to help me buy a film camera from a local shop. Great guy. Awesome tour. " Altaaf

"I stayed in Taipei for a week and Minim's class was by far the best part of the trip! They were very patient, taught us the working functions of the film cameras, and showed us some very cool places around. I never got the chance to learn film photography in college so this was an unbeatable experience for its pricing and wealth of information. Would highly recommend this class to anyone!"   Genesia

"I'm a beginner to film (and photography in general) so it was great to spend time with someone who can teach me the basics and even give tips with my own film camera. The best thing was being able to try their own cameras and get a hands on experience - would highly recommend for someone who's new to film and didn't know how or where to start. To top it all off we had beautiful areas in Taipei as our backdrop! Thank you!"  Trixie

"Excellent course with a knowledgeable tutor"  Neil

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