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About Minim Photographic Studio

Based in Taipei, Minim Photographic is a collaboration between two visual storytellers, Min and Nim.

Our Photography:

Specialising in portrait photography, together we aim to create authentic, eye-catching images. Our photographic studio offers services from headshots to travel imagery.

Our Gallery:


Situated in the charming historical area of Daodaocheng, our gallery and shop feature images that convey a story. With permanent exhibits by Min and Nim, its setting makes an intimate environment to connect each viewer to the artwork.

Our Events:

When we aren’t snapping photos, our Minim space is for connection. By hosting events for the creative community our events bring people together to share knowledge and create dialogues. We host events from, film screenings to art workshops and book clubs, encouraging artistic expression and social engagement.

About Us

Nim has a first class BA degree in Photography. She is a Portrait of Humanity and Magnum Competition winner and has produced images for clients such as The Guardian, Foreign Policy, CNN, Mediapart, and worked with NGO’s such as Migrant Children’s Foundation, Greenpeace and Amnesty International. She has been teaching photography in the UK, China and Taiwan for the last five years, from introducing beginners to the practice of photography through to helping students prepare their portfolio for university applications. Her personal work takes a social documentary approach. Her interest in visual anthropology fuels her curiosity in the human being and the way contemporary society impacts on how they position themselves within an environment. Nim speaks English and some Mandarin Chinese.


Min is aiming to understand the world, humans and who he is. He is inspired by everything around him, always curious and waiting for the moment to tell a story. His fine art practice is diverse, combining his passion for photography, poetry, and Chinese calligraphy. Min has been teaching analogue photography for many years, holding international classes, with his students coming from all over the world. He is fascinated by the mechanical and technical side of photography, always testing new cameras trying to understand how different products work. In addition, he loves the film development process and develops his own black and white film in Minim's darkroom. Min speaks English and Korean.

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