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OnlyOne Accessory love feeling nostalgic. They collect analogue cameras, vinyls, cassettes, cute vintage toys, clothes and handmade jewellery.

OnlyOne Accessory


We asked him about his vintage collection...

How long have you been collecting vintage things for?

I have been collecting vintage things more than 20 years.

What is your favourite vintage toy and why?

The Kamen riders (Japanese superheros) and tin toys, because I think they look very cool.


What analogue cameras will you be selling at Branches market?

Polaroid, RF cameras, SLR cameras, compact cameras and some toy cameras.

Do any of your items have an interesting story? Perhaps something you know about their past owners.

I have a Canon AT1 SLR camera which was previously owned by a retired art teacher, he used this camera to take photos of his and his students art work.

Recently, what is your favourite vinyl to listen to?

Santana is currently my favourite vinyl to put on.

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