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Studio Photography

Allow Minim Photographic Studio to capture your portrait in their professional studio.  Situated in the historic area of Dihua street, our studio is minimal fuss and minimum gimmicks. We aim to capture pure,  beautiful images of each and every sitter. We wish to make each subject feel natural and comfortable, to enable us to produce classic, eye catching images. 

Minim Photographic Studio aims to capture a story in every portrait, and evoke an emotion and feeling in each image. By using conventional methods of studio photography, we slow down the process of taking an image allowing us to produce a relationship with each subject. Creating this bond, every photograph of Minim's has been carefully considered, enabling each image to capture an aspect of truth about the sitter. 

Whether you are seeking portraits of your family and friends; children; or for modelling and acting portfolios; Minim Photographic Studio is at your service, to meet your every need and at a high standard.

Your studio portraits can be captured in colour or black and white, and a choice of analogue film or digital imagery, please let us know which you would prefer or if you would like a mixture.

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