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Tim’s art work recaptures his drawings from when he was young. He uses drawing as method of expressing his feelings. He believes that being an artist and selling his work brings him happiness and warmth (even if he cannot make too much money).


branches (15).jpg

We asked Tim a few questions about his work...

When did you first start drawing?

Last year at around Christmas time


When did you decide that you could be an artist and use art to earn money?

I didn't think too much about it at the beginning. I just made pictures and paintings into postcards and sold them on the street. I slowly encountered more opportunities and started to go to the market or some cafes, and also took on hand-painted designs. I am still very surprised I am able to survive this way, I am so thankful for this


What feelings do you often wish to express in your art work?

Expressing deep feelings. Some of them are about movies, some through poetry, and some feelings are from stories in my life. I believe that something that helps me can definitely help others. So I use painting as a tool to present the message I wish to express.


You used to be a vegan chef, do you think working in the kitchen ever influences your art work? Can you compare the two processes of producing something for people to enjoy?


I feel that the two help each other, and the common point is I express both of them through using my hands. I like cooking, but I have always found the rhythm of the restaurant difficult to adapt to. After I started painting, I found that it made me happier and more creative with my cooking, so I think of the two mutually.


You will be drawing caricatures  at our art market, can you describe your method of drawings others? What features do you tend to look at first and what kind of interaction do you usually have with your sitter/model?


I will present the lines I see by observing their characteristics, and I will colour if necessary. I hope to pass blessings through this process. If they do not have time to sit, I can simply take of photograph of them so they can go off and see other things at the market and then come back later to collect their caricature.

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