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Sagih Pottery creates ceramic pieces with natural colour glazing, each piece is a simple shape that is irregular making every piece unique. Her work includes ceramic pots, vases and animals, while she also works with different materials to make handmade accessories and jewellery pieces.

Sagih Pottery

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We asked her a few questions about their work...

Do you feel a different experience of creating a functional object compared to making a decorative piece of pottery?

​Now I am trying separate the difference between function and decoration, but sometimes they can be both! Functional object also

can still be visually pleasing, and the decorative objects can help people have a spiritual healing.


What different materials do you connect together with your work? How do you select these materials?

In order to connect with nature, I often use driftwoods for the handles and broken glasses from the seaside be used as decoration with the glaze. To allow my products to be easily identified as handmade I weave materials to make accessories such as necklaces.

What is your process usually like? Do you often have a particular shape in mind when you start making a piece or do you let it form as you go?

Although I start each piece with an initial vision or theme, I don’t like to completely control the shape, I think the clay cooperates with me, it’s a collaboration between us.

Lots of your ceramics are of animals, what is it about nature and creatures that inspires you?

To me, every creature living in this word is a miracle. Everyone is sharing this one earth, and every creature has their own mission in the world. Each other connect with each other. And sometimes I think I’m more like animals than humans, so I prefer to make the animals. 

Whose work do you admire the most in the ceramic world?

I have respect for anyone who has the determination to continue to produce ceramic work in their own way.

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