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Taipei Travel Photo Shoot

We love showing people the city we now call home and documenting the atmosphere and beauty of culturally vibrant Taipei. Our photo shoots are a travel experience, enabling you to take in the classic temple architecture, tropical trees, and charming ponds as you explore the history and culture during our photo shoot. 

Whether you are a solo traveller or you are enjoying a holiday with family and friends, your trip to Taiwan will be special. Let Minim Photographic Studio bring you beautiful imagery of your memories in this lovely city. With extensive local knowledge, and a passion for exploring, we can tailor the location of the shoot to meet your needs, from iconic Taipei landmarks to hidden historical sites, quirky streets and beautiful nature.

Every person, couple, family, friend is different. By guiding you through some of our favourite Taipei photo spots we want to bring out the true ‘you’ on vacation.  Whether you are in your familiar surroundings or not, we want to capture natural and wonderful features of every person. Mixing between candid, formal and environmental portraits, Minim Photographic Studio will provide you with a variety of images to preserve your memories and tell a story of your experience in Taipei.


Individual Travel Photo Shoot

Sometimes when travelling alone in a country, it is difficult to capture images to really remember your holiday. Minim offers portrait sessions within Taipei’s iconic scenery to capture your perfect solo trip.


Partner Travel Photo Shoot

Whether you are friends or a couple it is always nice to have beautifully caught holiday images to look back on . Allow Minim Studio to capture your memories together in the vibrant city of Taipei. 


Group Travel Photo Shoot

No matter if you are travelling to Taiwan as a family, a group of friends or on an educational trip, we  can capture the special moments of you and your loved ones during your time in Taipei to take back home with you.

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