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Yue Ti is a Taiwanese artist based in Changhua, Taiwan. Her art work combines flowers, plants and animals to create an elegant and feminine feel, giving the child a feeling of restlessness. Her work is often seen big on coffee shop walls and windows.

Yue Ti


We asked Yue Ti a few questions about her work...

How did you get into mural painting?

The first time I drew a picture on the wall was the elementary school and I drew two crabs. My mother didn't stop me, so I recklessly painted other walls with graffiti. This was my mural enlightenment.

You often paint large murals; how do you plan to sketch a piece of work that is going to be painted so big?

I usually first use chalk to roughly fix the position on the wall and then carry out detailed repairs. If I want to save time in drafting the first sketch, I can also project the original image onto the wall.


How important is it to consider the architecture and environment around the space where you are going to design your mural?

This is not the most important basis and sometimes I create work in a noisy environment, such as when the owner is renovating the space.


 What is your favourite mural that you have designed? Why is it special to you?


My favorite is the mural I did at the dessert cafe Zodiac, which is adapted from the Zodiac of Mu Xia. I changed the twelve constellations to different desserts. I changed the women's glittering headwear and necklaces in the original painting into a variety of cookies and fudges. In order to draw the elegant look of the women in Mu Xia's drawing, I repeated the coloring with a cut sponge to make the paint create a hazy effect. The eyes alone took one day to retouch.


Some of your pieces of work feature characters from films, what is it about movies that inspire you?

I like clowns or tragedies. I resonate with the role of a clown, reminding me of my surroundings. Some people laugh not because they are happy, but because they try to live out their worth.


How do you find a balance between your commercial work and your art work?


I think when your work resonates with your customers, you will reach a balance. When I accept the case, I will imagine what I would like to do if I was a client, and then I jump back to the identity of myself as the creator and extended the common points between us.

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