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Yang Ya Ming is a Taiwanese artist that experiments with different mediums including acrylic paiting, metal works, and sewing. Her main style focuses on elements with strong femininity such as flowers and ribbons. The colours, media and pictures are more intense and bright, with strong decoration.

Yang Ya Ming

yangyaming copy.jpg

We asked Yang Ya Ming a few questions about her work...

We have heard you are studying metal art, can you explain what it is please?

I first started to pay attention to metal, because metal is my favorite medium for jewelry. I like simple styling when speaking about clothes and makeup, and then like

to add some metal jewelry. I think together the whole style can have a strong effect and also express a kind of life. Attitude, simple yet distinctive. I found metal jewelry that is available on the market very boring and all the same, so I decided to create jewelry by myself to make something different and something that I like. Apart from that, I was also fascinated by the culture and artistic style of ancient Egypt. I like strong colours that are decorative and expressive styles.

You are using many different materials for your artwork, what motivates you to experiment with different materials?


I like changing my lifestyle and exploring various fields. I like art, science, and commerce and I also have a strong curiosity about different media forms. These curiosities motivate me to continue trying new fields, these explorations will never stop, exploration is one of the most important things in my life.


How do you decide what you want to produce in which form?

In fact, this is a problem that has troubled me for a long time. The collection of artist's series of work is very important, and my curiosity in using different art forms doesn’t allow me to focus on a certain style and material. I have been like this since I was young, I’m like a sponge wanting to absorb everything in the world, and I think this is also important for all artists.


How do you combine your metal work and painting together?

My creative philosophy has always been that the work must be integrated someones life. If a room is different because of a single piece of work or furnishings, this work makes me feel valuable.   When I meet a decorative piece of metal work, the peice appears naturally.

In addition, when creating acrylic fluid paintings, I am fascinated by various bubbles and irregular flow, which prompt me to use the same style when creating metal.


You have been to an art fair in China, did you find it different to Taiwan's art industry?

Taiwanese are very focused on details of a piece of art, while Chinese people seem to be more concerned about the overall pictures feeling. In terms of the market in both countries, China has a lot of demand for decorative paintings and Taiwanese art is sold more to art collectors.


You have some alternative pets that you sometimes create work about, can you tell us more about your pets and how they inspire you?

I am fascinated by the appearance of reptiles, especially the scales on a snake, so I raised a lot. Most of the reptiles I have are very quiet, but they are also wild. Feeding time is also a process of taming. It is very interesting that you gradually get used to each other.I like everything about nature; animals, plants, and irregular colors and shapes. They are all my hobbies, as I don't like talking to people much.

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