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Shih Ting Peng's creations are inspired by things in life that attract and draw her in. Through her creative transformation, she hopes that her work can make others feel "somewhat interested" and that they evoke or construct some emotions or stories.

Shih Ting Peng


We asked Shih Ting a few questions about her work...

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?


I’ve been wearing two different socks every day since high school. All of my socks are mixed together, none of them need to worry about failing to find their better half. Pairing them randomly or matching them together with the colour of my clothing is my daily routine to have something different. By the way, it’s quite fun to tell people who laugh at my “wrong pair of socks” that I do it on purpose.

When did you first start drawing?


I first started drawing when I could hold a pen (or a fork with sauce on it), just like every kid, I started by scribbling nonsense, then I got better and my drawings began to make sense. I’ve always been doodling or painting not only on text books, handouts, test papers, but also sketch books, walls and other places I can find. I hope someday I can feel totally free while developing work and paint like breathing.

How did you decide after studying Chinese literature at university to pursue a career being a freelance illustrator and graphic designer?


To major in Chinese literature was just one of the choices I made when high school ended. All choices are not by coincidence, but they base on your interests, what sources you have, what people you meet, the way you want to communicate with the world, etc. I’ve always enjoyed painting, and felt comfortable to take it as a way to express or build up communications.


Do you think your literature background has any influence on your art work? How?


I am not sure if the courses I took and if my department of Chinese literature directly influenced me, but I’m sure that reading does. It helps me to notice, to observe, to feel, to think and to develop.

Can you tell us a little about the graphic novels you are making?


The title of my wordless graphic novel is called ‘It Blooms As It Never Has’.

It’s about a young couple and a plant. I use the plant and the hand shadows as a symbol of them and their emotional changes or different states of their relationship.

It tells a normal love story that could happen to anyone, anywhere.

Day goes, plant grows. No one is special, no one is alone.

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