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QUAND follows the wisdom and teaching of Mother Earth to create a relationship between people and nature. Due to his ever growing stage of life, QUAND’s work is diverse in style as he presents many different stories. The most representative of his work is the fusion of nationality, where his work is distinct in his colour pallet which displays a calm essence by the use of earthy colour and with a little religious touch. The flow between his lines and colors are sometimes delicate and then sometimes harsh, as he wishes to illustrate different levels of life and the impermanent changes.



We asked QUAND a few questions about his work...

Your work often features women and elements of nature, is there a meaning behind this? Where do you get your inspiration from?


There are various women facing me in my heart. They are emotional, have maternal love and tolerance, and also I believe they represent the creation of natural life. Creation is an extension of my heart. Therefore, I show myself through the way I create art.

I am inspired by the relationship between women and nature, my work is a journey of exploring my feelings and how changes to the earth have an effect on my heart; from a small piece of grass to a big tree, from the mountains to the sky, from the rivers back to the sea.


Your Mandalas are so beautiful!!  Mandalas are often seen as a spiritual symbol - Is making mandalas and art, in general, a spiritual and meditative process for you? 


Thank you for your love. The first time I created a Mandala was a project I worked on for a client’s clothing brand, I found the process very interesting, it is a very natural and intuitive creation. I am more like a passage, and the cosmic consciousness is drawn through my hands. So basically my mind is empty, but my heart is to remain aware. Yes, mandalas may be a process of mental meditation for me


How do you get the ideas for your mandala patterns? Would you say your mandalas could be categorised by a particular culture or religion? 


One day I started shooting orbs of light on my camera. I searched the Internet for photos of light balls like the images I had taken. I found that each light ball has its own pattern, which is very delicate. When I started trying to create these lights, while researching about it, information about Mandalas also appeared. After traveling around, I slowly discovered that Mandala's exists in all corners of the world, and in all religions, from India to Europe to Tibet. In the end, I found that Mandalas actually exists in all nature, plant cells, seeds, tree trunks, fruit cuts and flower blossoms. There is a sun and a moon, and the beginning of humankind was to follow nature. Therefore, even if Mandalas can be classified into their religions, ethnic and tribal groups, they all come from the same universe, therefore they are united.


You travel around Taiwan painting murals and attending markets, what is your favourite city for art on the island? Do you find being on the road influences your art in any way? 


I really enjoyed my trip to Nepal, this is the only mural I have done outside of Taiwan. But in Taiwan, Dulan in Taitung is my favourite place for art.

Travel affects my artistic presentation because my creations are fluid and I am easily influenced by the people that invite and welcome me to paint and the atmosphere and energy surrounding the place. Therefore, my work in Nepal had a tender love and religious presentation, whereas my pieces in Dulan have a more earthly energy. These two places also affect me, and both have a great impression on my artwork.


If there any place you dream of painting a mural? Where is it and what would you paint?


Is this a dream wish list, haha, I hope my answer will come true!

There are many places I would like to visit to paint, and it has always been my dream to be able to paint all over the world. But thinking of more specific spaces, I hope to create a piece in a vegan restaurant or cafe, people can rest in a corner, feel the quiet and abundant power. Though I am also interested in painting on outdoor streets and in rural areas, as long as my works are seen by local people. I want to create work that, at a certain moment, even if just passing by, people can feel loved and blessed, this will make me very happy and satisfied.

As for what to draw, I believe that every place will naturally show me, so I don't have the right answer right now.

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