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Hui-Chi Yu is a spiritual painting artist that believes energy dances in colour, through meditation she uses art to guide her through time and space.

Hui-Chi Yu


We asked Hui-Chi Yu a few questions about her work...

Can you explain to us about your artwork, how do you mix acrylic painting with mediation to create spiritual art?


Over recent years I have used mediation to maintain myself in frequency and status. I use this to then paint the energy of everything, to see and feel the energy from my artworks.

When I’m painting it is also like a mediation status. I usually keep empty, let the energy flow through my body. Just like current flows through the body. Sometimes the energy will invite me to paint, it is a very natural process. Each of my creations are a process of releasing and cleaning up the inner energy, and also a process of connecting the energy of the higher self or the universe. Each of my paintings are a presentation of the energy of the universe, which I call "subconscious energy painting." Therefore, I can’t draw sketches first because these creations are not from the mind. If I can think of the creation before painting, then the power of creation will be far lower than the power of the soul's instinct, and the power of humans will always exceed what I can imagine.


You are interested in mixing your art with opening others up to help let them understand themselves, how did you first start exploring this? and when did you discover you had this particular ability?


I do not set these goals, but it’s the soul that naturally comes here. About one year and a half ago, I suddenly started painting. Before I painting these things was simply just a dream. I come from a media background, working in video communication, I never thought I would start painting and become an art healer. These things were out of my imagination. My family keeps asking me why I suddenly start to draw pictures, I don’t know how to respond. All I know is that I just unlocked my soul talent and used this talent to bring light into the earth. I just go through the flow of life to experience every moment and every stage of my life. One day I came into contact with physical and mental healing and also met a senior healer. I was suddenly curious about my dreams and started to research about them, this then led me to use mediation to heal myself. I became spiritually awakened and began to perceive the frequency of all things. Then I became an art healing artist or also can be called soul healing worker.


How can people, in your opinion, benefit from having a painting reading? How do your cards give a person guidance and advice?


Looking directly at my paintings I feel the power of them quickly. I often use a third eye to admire them, the frequency of my artworks emission can touch my body and soul. I feel my artwork heals my energy, I really often enjoy them. The small subconscious healing card can help people understand themselves and my bigger pieces of artwork can balance the space. In addition, spiritual healers or those who can also sense the energy, can both directly feel the energy emitted by the artwork, the average person can definitely look at them purely with the naked eye, feel the beauty of the artwork in their own way, and find that everyone belongs to their own exclusive nutrients. Everyone has a natural instinct to read energy, but people have forgotten or haven't awoken. When people come to me, I use subconscious links to get messages from angels or use messages in our dreams to pass on to each other. I can see the subconscious state of others in the artwork and perceive the energy state of others through our connection, I can then see which part of the other person needs to be healed. The energies strength can directly accompany each person with meditation to adjust their frequency. All I can give is a gift left by my the journey of my soul. The people who come to me relate to my life experience. I help others and heal myself.


How important is colour and shapes in your art work? Art is subjective, how do you decided what each card means?


The meaning of shape and colour is free to me, I don’t give them a limited or fixed meaning. When I am painting, I am detached. When I chose the colour of each image and start painting, it is because the frequency attracts my hands and eyes. Especially my large paintings, when I am painting, I can't even see clearly with my eyes. I just feel that the energy is continuously being transmitted to the painting through me. The meaning of these artworks are alive. They have basic messages but have no fixed meaning. I use the body to perceive the frequency of the pictures and write the text, but this is only the basic message. The deeper meaning of each artwork will vary with everyone who comes to me. For example, even if the same person has the same subconscious art healing picture card from my artwork, 3 months ago and 3 months later, the meaning is different. I use the subconscious mind and the cosmic high spirit message, or link the energy field of the person, to give the message that is most suitable for the person at that particular moment. These meanings change like the wind, it isn't about my subjective determination of the art pieces meaning. People and people are actually interconnected. We all have the ability to communicate without words. We come to this world and move from the precautions to the original openness.


We are excited for you to be running guided painting at our art market, can you tell everyone a little what to expect on the day? What will people be able to create?


I am planning an informal teaching course to guide others to draw their own small healing cards. I will guide people who are interested in healing themselves or others and simply draw a few healing cards. Then I will guide everyone to connect to their subconsciousness to analyze the meaning of the small card. Each participant can directly use the small card drawn by themself to help others and understand themselves. At the end of 2019, I will also start teaching a full set on self-healing painting cards where I will guide people to draw their own healing cards and use the power of their lives to help themselves and others.

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