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Boni is a Taiwanese artist that’s work is about the daily details, the woman's whispers, thoughts and attitudes. She believes "Illustration" is a unique language that records all the unrepeatable details of life as a diary.



We asked Boni a few questions about her work...

Your illustrations style is very recognisable with your use of black, white and red colour blocks, when did you first start creating pieces in this style?

The reason from the beginning was very simple. I secretly scribbled during class time, and I used the red pen and black pens I had in my pencil case. I didn't expect to still be painting like it now, four or five years later. It’s a little bit funny really!


Your work features different illustrations of woman, what is it about ‘woman’s whispers’ that inspires you to draw?


I spend most of my time alone. So for a long time I was observing and reflecting on myself in my art work. It may be because of the fact that the characters in the illustration are mostly feminine, but in fact, I don't limit the gender in my images. Everyone has a delicate and heart-changing side.


You are currently studying art and design at university in Taoyuan, the pieces you work on at uni are very different to your illustrations, do you think practising other styles helps advance your illustrations designs too? How?


I am studying Fine Art and painting skills at Yuanzhi University. The most important thing for me is to look at the methods and perspectives of things, to appreciate, to discover the diversity and possibilities of art. With the pieces I create at university, I am interested in blanking and abstract painting, which also affects my illustration style. I often take inspiration from photography and movies, and later found that serious life and constant thinking are the most important aspect to my work.


You previously studied art in China for one year, how did your experience in the class room there compare to studying art in Taiwan?


Compared to painting in the past, I became more willing to get along with others and communicate with each other. Because of cultural differences, the form of learning is also very different.


You are currently teaching art at IlluBase, what are you teaching exactly? How does it feel helping and motivating others to draw that may not have a background in art?


When someone calls me "Teacher" in the class, I will pretend not to hear them, I ask everyone to call me "BoNi". I don't wish for people to come to class just to copy a "BoNi style" illustration. Instead, I want to give the students "tools" and "methods" to help them create, including the perspective of appreciation. My style is relatively simple, and it’s good to guide the students to understand their own characteristics. The students who come to my classes are most often older than myself, they are usually office workers and they just love illustration. Most people that come have almost no foundation, but the feeling they have in their heart is very strong, which I believe is more important than skill. During my weekend classes I play very chilled music, often putting on my favourite songs so that we can all feel relaxed and comfortable, to easily discuss the illustrations and draw together.

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