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Anpuna came from Jupiter

she likes her daily objects colorful

handmade texture is irreplaceable

that is why she creates

 Anpuna (Angel Hu)


We asked Anpuna a few questions about her work...

When did you first start crochet and where does your inspiration normally come from?

More than 10 years ago, a few friends who enjoyed drawing gathered together every week to share some interesting items. Once, a friend taught us how to crochet a flower, I found this a nice experience, so started to crochet myself. I learnt to crochet by reading books, watching YouTube videos and took some lessons. My inspiration for designs came naturally, for example, I bought a new thermos bottle, then I started to crochet an item for it. When I start each crochet, I normally want to try new patterns or some different colour matching. 

Can you tell us about your other job as a spiritual therapist please?

My other job is "Evolutionary Inner Observation Counsellor". Through this method, I can help clients clean out negative energy from their bodies, minds and spirits. Also I can help clients see their own books of life, so they can understand the truth of their souls and the universe. Through this method, I know my soul's journey. Before coming to earth, my soul spent a lot of time in Jupiter and then come to earth with my mission.

You used to teach children how to play the drums, but suddenly quit your teaching job to pursue your creative dreams, can you tell us what happened?


Because I met Sany Mango, a talented French musician. One afternoon in 2015, my friends and I were playing African drums near Tamsui River, when Sandy walked by and joined us. We had a great time together playing drums and dancing. She was like a free wind that blew through me, so my heart wanted to freely go on my road too~ so I quit my job, and not very long after I met my spiritual teacher. I then started to learn how to do "evolutionary inner observation". This is when I knew I was back on my right path.


You now have played the African drum for many years, what is so special to you about African drum? And will you be bringing it to our market for a little jam?

The sound of an African drum instantly makes me happy, just the clap of hands to the drumhead makes me smile. I enjoy playing together with other people, when people play harmoniously together it's like a massage of my soul, I really enjoy it!


You are multi-talented and like dancing, playing the drums, crochet and are involved with many other creative things, is there anything that you would particularly like to learn in the future?

Maybe plants! I would like to know more about them to see how can I enjoy them. 

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