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Qi Lee is an illustrator and photographer with a background in graphic design and animation. She creates her artwork at a relaxed pace, digging out and creating themes from her heart while experimenting with different materials. 

Qi Lee

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We asked Qi Lee a few questions about her work...

You graduated from university with a degree in design and animation, how does your design background influence your art work?

I first studied animation when I was at university. Working hard in the animation field let me focus on a stories meaning allowing me to communicate with my audience. Later, I studied design, and it made my works more colour balanced and simple. Although my design background has influenced my artistic style a little, my creative art work still reflects myself, my imagination, my dreams and my life from young to old.


How do you balance creating work in different art forms? Do you prefer one over the other?


When I have an idea, I will try many different methods to create my art work. I try my best not to stick with one way of creating.


The style and colour pallet of your earrings and hair pins is pretty vibrant, this differs from the colours used in your drawings– What are your reasons for using two different colour schemes in your different mediums of work?


Thank you. My accessories are inspired by natural elements and colours. I expect that someone who chooses to wear my accessories look energetic and bold. I like to use my colourful designs to communicate emotions and stories with the viewers. I wish the viewers can have an impression that is similar to mine. I wish viewers can also find different stories through my work.


What inspires the stories in your illustration zines?

The stories come from my imagination. If I notice a topic or a special pattern I will then record it and try to connect the story and then create a picture.


The stories in my zines speak about the lack of freedom in garments. My zines let people know that sometimes we have to ignore public opinion and just be ourselves.  


Your two photobooks are both of images you took during trips to Japan, what is it about Japan that interests you?


When I travel to a new place I like to take photos that are natural. When I went to Japan, it was the countries culture that made a real impression on me. My method of recording isn’t just like this with my photo books from Japan but with all of my photography work I am interested by the environment around me and the feeling that I get from it.

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