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Pika grew up in the mountains with a carefree nature, accustomed to living between trees and rivers. Now grown up and desperately trying to adapt to the city, Pika lives in New  Taipei. She will be selling her colourful handmade jewellery and hopes that through her designs people can forget how bad the world is and instead feel vibrant, gentle and full of love.


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We asked Pika a few questions about her work...

How long have you been making your own jewellery?

I’ve always liked just going ahead and creating things, but in terms of making a living, it all started in March 2017. I wanted to share concepts and ideas through my art and be a little experimental in the process. I can’t approve or be a part of this capitalist system though. I’ve always hoped for another way – a way to live well and have a lifestyle I genuinely endorse.

The past couple of years, I tried out different methods and I also tried being a part of the system. However, it didn’t feel authentic; it seemed falser each day, and it started to get to me after a while. It feels false because what the system offers us is merely a copy of reality – it’s not the real deal. When I became aware of this, it was like the sea had finally calmed after a long storm. I returned to reality – a reality full of all sorts of desires and wishes. So, put into perspective, not having too much income isn’t all that bad. Being able to continue my creative work is such a joy; I’d even say it’s a bit over the top how fortunate I am.


Do you think your upbringing in the mountains has influenced your jewellery designs?

In the mountains, everything is so pure and clear. I was touched by nature and it gave me a gift. It granted me a more acute perception of colour and an ability to see the extraordinary in the mundane. So, even in an often dull society, I can spot points of interest.

Your designs are very unique, where do you get your ideas from?

Life is a string of experiences that cannot be cut short. It’s tough at times, and we often have to put on a happy face even though we’re struggling, but I, for one, don’t want to limit myself. Love and indignation can both inspire, and artists should be open to an entire spectrum of emotions. You’ve got to be really observant though, because it’s easy to overlook what could potentially be a really beautiful source of inspiration. As soon as you’re inattentive, life just floats on by, fading away and resurfacing over and over again.

Your designs are quite bold, do you have any recommendations of how someone can wear your earrings with confidence?

Actually, I’ve always hoped that everyone will someday step free of the aesthetic standards set by society and mainstream culture, and look at themselves and others in a new light. This world contains countless colours and characters; perhaps a great deal of those aren’t fully understood within mainstream aesthetics. You just need to realize and believe that you’re one of a kind, then you’ll feel much more sure of yourself and be more attractive than ever. Perhaps, in this way, you’ll be also be able to connect with more of the world around you.

What is your favourite material to make into jewellery and why?

Each material is unique; we should give them all a chance and appreciate them for what they are. They all have potential and can all be combined in ingenious ways. When it’s done right, the finished piece will light up the entire room – it’ll feel like it’s literally glowing. That’s real magic right there.

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