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Tama is a tattoo artist originally from France who has been moving around the world living in different countries. Her art is a mix between realism and surrealism.

Tama Tattoo


We asked Tama a few questions about her work...

Where does the name Tama come from?

Tama comes from my Armenian name Թամար (Tamar) and the Japanese word 霊 (Tama) meaning "soul" "spirit. I was looking for a nickname that is easily pronounceable wherever I go, as I move often!

Do you have an all-time favourite design that you have tattooed, why is it your favourite and who was it for?

It is hard to say one in particular, but my favourites are ones that have a meaning behind them, the tattoos that people get to mark the past and help them move on.


Your designs and artwork are often on wood, what is it about this material that you like drawing on?

I am fond of nature and I love the smell of wood, it is nice to mix two of my favourite things. I also like how it makes the painting pop up with the contrast.


You have been living abroad in different countries over the last 8 years, do you think any of the cultures you have lived in have influenced your work?

Surely, I think the atmosphere of the places I live in always influences my work.


You have lived a lot of the last decade in Japan, how was working in a country as a tattoo artist when tattoos are still often thought of as taboo in Japan?


It wasn't easy and well seen, it is one of the reasons why I left. I hope the image of the tattoos in Japan will change someday and soon! However of course some people still get them and I am still going twice a year to Tokyo to tattoo.

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