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Branches Art Market . Vol 3

Shih Ping Lian

Shih Ping Lian is a Taiwanese artist that describes are work as “Not cold, just not imagining warmth. Very feminine, but still a bit gloomy. Very colourful, but still a little bit of darkness.”

Read our interview with Shih Ping here

Shih Ping Lian


QUAND follows the wisdom and teaching of Mother Earth to create a relationship between people and nature. Due to his ever growing stage of life, QUAND’s work is diverse in style as he presents many different stories. The most representative of his work is the fusion of nationality, where his work is distinct in his colour pallet which displays a calm essence by the use of earthy colour and with a little religious touch. The flow between his lines and colors are sometimes delicate and then sometimes harsh, as he wishes to illustrate different levels of life and the impermanent changes.

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BoNi is a Taiwanese artist that’s work is about the daily details, the woman's whispers, thoughts and attitudes. She believes "Illustration" is a unique language that records all the unrepeatable details of life as a diary.

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Yang Ya Ming

Yang Ya Ming is a Taiwanese artist that experiments with different mediums including acrylic painting, metal works, and sewing. Her main style focuses on elements with strong femininity such as flowers and ribbons. The colours, media and pictures are more intense and bright, with strong decoration.

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yangyaming copy.jpg

Anji Ceramics

Anji is a ceramics artist from Ukraine. Since a young age she has travelled around the world with her family, living in different countries. In 2014, when doing an exchange program in Japan, she discovered the world of ceramics and has been in love with it ever since.

Read our interview with Anji here


Shih Ting Peng

Shih Ting Peng's creations are inspired by things in life that attract and draw her in. Through her creative transformation, she hopes that her work can make others feel "somewhat interested" and that they evoke or construct some emotions or stories.

Read our interview with Ting here


Yue Ti

Yue Ti is a Taiwanese artist based in Changhua, Taiwan. Her art work combines flowers, plants and animals to create an elegant and feminine feel, giving the child a feeling of restlessness. Her work is often seen big on coffee shop walls and windows.

Read our interview with Yue Ti here


Mongo Wang

Mongo is a freelance creator based in Taiwan. She shares herself through illustration and visual design, specializing in portrait drawing. Inspired by female beauty, animals, nature and music, her work illustrates portraits blended with plants, animals and surreal landscapes in pastel colour.

Read our interview with Mongo here

Boan (32).jpg

Veronique Kwak

Veronique Kwak is a freelance artist/scholar. English/American Literature major: Film noir and Crime Fiction. Researcher on diverse themes: Film noir, true crimes, feminism, body politics, reptilian creatures, and architectures. VK has a particular focus on the transcultural interpretation/reinvention of symbols, animal/plant elements, and ancient Chinese seal-scripts while dedicating herself to the making of conceptual art or art of conceptualization.

Read our interview with Veronique here

Boan (6).jpg

Serials Characters

Serials Characters was created in 2015 when its creator Kuo Huan-Li worked for a company in Paris and was aspired by the company's multicultural environment. As holding a birthday party for coworkers was a norm in the company, Kuo drew a unique character for every coworkers who had a birthday. All the characters Kuo created brought big smiles on the coworkers' faces, which also made Kuo found common grounds between different culture. He then came up with the idea of “nature”, ”diversity” and “heartwarming” that formed Serials Characters' spirit.

Read our interview with Serials Characters here



Anpuna came from Jupiter

she likes her daily objects colorful

handmade texture is irreplaceable

that is why she creates

Read our interview with Anpuna here


Miss Croc

Miss Croc is the name Crystal goes by during the time she spends making hand-bound books. When Crystal first discovered handmade book sewing, she instantly felt a deep love for the handmade process. She also loves to travel, write her own travel diary and draw in her own handmade books. The "crocodile" is taken from the homonym of its Chinese name. She hopes that through the market activities, more people will know and appreciate handmade books, write their own short stories, draw their own moods, make their own albums and convey warmth and happiness from the pieces of work.

Read our interview with Crystal here



Bear Yen is a Taipei based graphic designer & illustrator. She enjoys using simple lines to form her thoughts in a humorous way. She gets inspiration from lovely nature, cute animals and flea markets. She is passionate about prints & book making.

Read our interview with Bear here


Hui-Chi Yu

Hui-Chi Yu is a spiritual painting artist that believes energy dances in colour, through meditation she uses art to guide her through time and space.

Read our interview with Hui-Chi here

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