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Branches Art Market . Vol 2


Tim’s art work recaptures his drawings from when he was young. He uses drawing as method of expressing his feelings. He believes that being an artist and selling his work even if he cannot make too much money it still brings him happiness and warmth.

Read our interview with Tim here

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Limbic System

The limbic system is the area of your brain that is connected to memory and emotions.  The artist named himself this due to the memories and emotions felt during acts of lust and love. His work is a collection of graphic drawings that highlight and educate about sex.

Read our interview with Limbic System here

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Soilair studio produces hand-knitted colourful fabric strips into heart-warming household products. By “Upcycling” unwanted fabrics her aim is to reduce the pollution caused by the disposal of the waste material. Soilair Studio enjoys playing and matching colours with her zero waste products and will be selling cushions, heat proof coasters, drink bottle holders and cat’n’dog beds.

Read our interview with Soilair here

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Qi Lee

Qi Lee is an illustrator and photographer with a background in graphic design and animation. She creates her artwork at a relaxed pace, digging out and creating themes from her heart while experimenting with different materials.

Read our interview with Qi Lee here

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Lin Ting Ting

Lin Ting Ting is an interior designer, in her free time you can find her drawing and sketching on the MRT and in cafes. She describes her work as ridiculously flat, ‘it can be ugly and cute with a sense of humour’. At Branches Art Market she will be selling postcards of her illustrations with some accompanied by short pieces of writing.

Read our interview with Ting Ting here

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Jenna Lo

Jenna Lo is a watercolour artist and teacher. Her work focuses on nature and designs found in nature. She enjoys spending time outdoors and her work is an extension of that.

Read our interview with Jenna here


Lime Chang

Lime Chang teaches children art, which involves using black markers and waste paper to be creative. It’s simple, yet there are unlimited possibilities. You could recycle that piece of waste paper, or just get rid of it, but how about drawing on it? With just a marker and a piece of waste paper, you could create a new world of your own.

Read our interview with Lime here

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Pika grew up in the mountains with a carefree nature, accustomed to living between trees and rivers. Now grown up and desperately trying to adapt to the city, Pika lives in New  Taipei. She will be selling her colourful handmade jewellery and hopes that through her designs people can forget how bad the world is and instead feel vibrant, gentle and full of love.

Read our interview with Pika here

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Hua is a ceramic artist that specialises in making jewellery from clay. Every piece of her pottery is unique with many factors in the production process that make the difference.

Read our interview with Hua here

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Shi  Wen Huang

Shi Wen Huang is an illustrator that often draws in black and white. Her images are surreal and usually childlike, she hopes to create a blurry look with her artwork. She is interested in combining pictures with text and enjoys working on illustrations for children's literature and education.

Read our interview with Shi Wen here

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Xinhwang loves art and literature, she enjoys looking out to the stars with a telescope. Most of her art work is inspired by poetry, her life and dreams. Her work is like a fantasy world sometimes childish as she hopes to bring a little warmth to the viewer.

Read our interview with Xinhwang here

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Sagih Pottery

Sagih Pottery creates ceramic pieces with natural colour glazing, each piece is a simple shape that is irregular making every piece unique. Her work includes ceramic pots, vases and animals, while she also works with different materials to make handmade accessories and jewellery pieces.

Read our interview with Sagih here

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Anye Tang

Anye Tang makes decorations and keyrings from wool felt.  He is crazy about making weird and lovely stuff.

Read our interview with Anye here

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Joyce Mo

Joyce Mo is an artist that by using paper and watercolour aims to construct a virtual three-dimensional world.

Read our interview with Joyce here

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Tama is a tattoo artist originally from France who has been moving around the world living in different countries. Her art is a mix between realism and surrealism.

Read our interview with Tama here


Yumi You

Yumi You is a Taiwan-based illustrator that graduated from the University of Brighton with an MA Sequential Design/Illustration. Her works often focus on the relationships and interactions between animals and human, which she always enjoys observing. Her inspirations come from travels, films, nordic designs and early 20th century paintings. Watercolour, gouache and colour pencils are major materials she uses. For Yumi, it's the greatest achievement if people can feel healed and pleased when seeing her works.

Read our interview with Yumi here

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OnlyOne Accessory love feeling nostalgic. They collect analogue cameras, vinyls, cassettes, cute vintage toys, clothes and handmade jewellery.

Read our interview with OnlyOne Accessory here


Drunken Bobcat

Drunken Bobcat produces handcrafted Chinese stamps. Her designs are made from natural materials such as flowers, bugs, grass and stones.

Read our interview with Drunken Bobcat here


Joel Fremming

Joel Fremming is an artist from San Francisco Bay, that believes in strong lines. He has made over 250 zines in the last 7 years while he has been living in Taiwan.

Read our interview with Joel here

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